Located right in the heart of the Bluegrass, nestled between the historic city of Harrodsburg, the oldest recorded city in Kentucky, and the historic Perryville Battlefield. We welcome anyone to come visit the farm and ask that you call to schedule an appointment. This helps to keep the safety and security of our cattle which is our top priority.

Our story begins in 2019 with the birth of our son, and our first encounter with Texas Longhorns. Josh and I fell in love with their majestic beauty and elegance in the field along with the profit small farms where able to make.

My husband and I, have launched a program targeted in producing correct conformation, good maternal attributes, calm disposition, and of course BIG HORN.
We are also eager to help promote the breed to new farmers and encourage local farmers to try them out.
Here at JCM CATTLE CO. we don't just breed for the most tip to tip. We believe in producing cows and bulls that best reflect what the breed was intended for and with that mindset we end up with top of the line TLBAA Registered Longhorns.
Without a proper culling of our herd we would not be able to keep our standards as high as they are, so we also offer lean Registered Longhorn Beef, and beautiful skulls.
We take pride in how we treat our cattle and are grateful we can care for God's Majestic creatures.

Come out for a visit or a photo-
Casey Matthews